Monday, 16 December 2013

The Secret Lover

As soon as I saw you,
in my head I got stunned,
A new adventure of love,
in my heart had begun.
Elegant fays with flickering wings,
fled high and low,
Cupid shot me in my heart,
an arrow with his bow.
Hardly could I surmise,
the impact of your grace,
You won over my heart,
and lured me in various ways.
You came into my dreams,
And stole away my sleep,
Over my vulnerability to talk to you,
dry tears I did weep.
If only I could read your mind,
I would have read your feelings,
the mysterious feeling about me,
that caused me nothing but weepings.
Everytime I am about to say,
the words that express what I feel,
I fear that you wont believe,
that they are genuinely real.
Sometimes I fear,
I dont have good looks,
the same way they are,
in films and fairy books.
I think it is better,
to leave the words unspoken forever,
and let my heart endure,
the pain of being a secret lover..

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