Monday, 16 December 2013


As I cuddle up on cold nights,
restless; I memorise those kisses and fights.
Life was awesome; with you by my side,
Presently, it is full of lonely rides.
I often walk; aimlessly.
Completely dumbfounded at what I do,
My life has lost its purpose,
Its hard to believe yet true.
Sorrow-stricke me,
With eyes teary wet,
Blaming my mistakes and myself,
For I wrote my own fate.
'No one's perfect',
You used to say.
But I can hardly believe,
It ended this way.
In the pool of solitude,
I often swim,
In search of love,
In search of that 'hope-beam'.
This pool of emptiness,
Its killing me inside,
Drowning in this deadly pool,
With no one to guide.
Return to me
And take me in your lap.
I pray you my love,
I want to be awaken from this nap.
Take me away;
Away from this world of strife,
I really NEED you,
To complete my life.

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