Monday, 16 December 2013

I Am In Love..


Never had I surmised,
I would fall in love,
It happened in such a way,
That I hardly did know..
I was enchanted by you,
And gave up all the fies,
Time stood still on the glimpse,
Of your venomous eyes..
A thousand daffodils danced,
The glorious green carpet rolled,
I floated over the meadow,
To reach your scintillating soul..
Your face glistened,
With the golden sunrays,
And appeared dull before you,
All the heavenly fays..
You took my hand,
And placed a keen kiss,
Never had I experience,
Such a bedazzling bliss..
Although destiny was the culprit,
To make me fall for you,
Never would I dare to deny,
I am so much in love with you..!

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