Wednesday 10 February 2016

Zodiac-wise Valentine's Day Ideas

Whether you're a treat preparing sentimental who will be leaving treats around partner's work area, or you're a solidified pessimist fearing getting since quite a while ago stemmed red rose in shoddy ass cellophane, there's no maintaining a strategic distance from it.

It's Valentine's Day.

I've generally appreciated this occasion better as a solitary Pringle in light of the fact that in case you're even remotely appended on February 14, you need to endeavour to express your friendship.

However, what are you expected to do?

Is it accurate to say that you are intended to trade cards?

Is it accurate to say that you are intended to book a table at eatery, where you'll both feel like you're contending with different couples to see whose blazing enthusiasm suddenly combusts the table first?

Furthermore, how would you explore the cumbersomeness of your blossoming sentiment when you're six weeks in and several thousand levels far from dropping the "L" bomb.

Well truly, I can't help you with any of that.

In any case, in case you're past the three-month point with your boo, step right along these lines for the zodiac cheat sheet to win his or her heart:


Keep it agreeable and neighborhood.

Capricorns won't have any desire to wander too far from what they know they like.

Try not to play Russian roulette with Yelp.

Book an eatery you know they cherish, or go along with them in a one of their side interests you've never attempted.

Utilize the day as a chance to show much you've been paying consideration on what they like, in each sense.


Alright, these folks are somewhat harder to awe.

Try not to misunderstand me; they'll welcome your endeavors, however they'll need something they've never had.

In the event that you figure out how to truly amaze this sign, they'll let you know later in the most ideal ways.


You know those paint your own particular earthenware production studios you've strolled past?

Go to one of those.

Even better, set up your own particular little studio at home and have an all out Swayze minute making your own particular pointless earth repositories.

These folks are diletantish, and regardless of the possibility that they feign exacerbation at to begin with, they'll rapidly get into it.

You'll snicker, you'll make and chances are, you'll have a few terrible mug with orange genitalia painted on it to celebrate the day.


Aries is the gathering sign.

They don't need a date; they need a liquor energized rave.

Famously unstable, yet similarly elating to be around, on the off chance that you get this date wrong, you'll know promptly.

Take them to a gathering that will keep them moving their rear ends off until 4am. And who doesn't agree that Funny Valentines Day Cards are funny?


This sign truly plays it cool.

They are exotic, yet they for the most part shroud their feelings.

Skirt the date; it's about physicality with them.

Presently is the ideal day to set aside an ideal opportunity to take a stab at something new in the sheets.

You'll gain experiences, and ideally they'll be unstable ones.


Street trip time.

This sign loves to investigate new things and increase new encounters.

Try not to let them begin to believe you're exhausting.

Go lift them up, get them some extra undies and begin driving.


This sign yearns for security.

They need to feel safe, and they don't care for enormous shocks.

Try not to whip out the "L" word interestingly on these folks on Valentine's Day, or you'll spook them.

Leave the mariachi band at home. Arrangement something calm, yet flawless.

Think about your most loved date with them, and work off that.


Good fortunes arranging something in light of the fact that your Leo isn't prone to oblige it.

Leos are the Alphas, and they will infuriatingly will wreck any astonishment you arrange with a counter astound.

They need to have control over what you do.

The weight is off. Simply ensure you shower and appear.


As affected of a rap this sign gets, they simply need to feel cherished.

Make them something.

It could be an inventive mixed drink, a cluster of peach shoemaker or a pimped-out MetroCard secured in outlines.

It's less about what you do with Virgos and more about how you affect them.


Libras are cheerful individuals.

They're up for anything, but at the same time they're mystery sentimental people.

Shock them with delightful banalities.

Bounce on that ski lift, and have a boozy cookout at the highest point of the mountain. Simply make an effort not to break your necks in transit down.

Nothing murders sentiment more than a neck prop and airdrop.


Potentially the most unquenchable sign, they expend experience and sex like it's last call at the bar.

Take them skydiving or zip lining over a chasm, and panic the poo out of them.

Go up against them an experience, and you won't be leaving the lodging until well after look at.


These folks are the enormous hearted softies.

Demonstrat to them you think about things, as well.

Get a penthouse suite in their heart lodge.

Take them to volunteer at a puppy salvage, and they'll be in finished amazement.

Good luck. Trust you nail it (and them).

Saturday 30 January 2016

An Erotic Poem

The brush of lips
In a jiffy
Thrilled one
Shocked the second.
Answered with a smile
Closed eyes
Gave in to sensation.
Tingles and ripples
Of skin, and flesh
Albeit clumsy
Evinced efficacy.
While in anticipation
The blind feminine
Responded to every
Whiff of air.
The stars shone down
On them entwined
Shameless, they enjoyed
Guilty Pleasure.
The sighs and whispers
and heaved breath
Humbled the owls
Their hooting inaudible.
Time stood still
At the precipice
And night blanched
In a sundering surrender.

A Thing of Beauty

There is something profoundly wonderful, my friends, in the notion of a thing of beauty being a joy forever. The thing could be a moment of unchecked beauty revealed to human eyes, one so unchecked to ensure the sanity of mortals. Or it could be a stray breeze from the savannah of heavens, curious, and running into gaping beings, their eyes bulging like orbs, their nostrils striving to take in every speck of the warm, fresh, ethereal air.
It could be that solitary tree with it's gnarled form, dreadful to the world and making elders flinch, yet, one devoid of commonplace fear sees it growing from a sapling green and filled with joys, the leaves dancing in glee of the youth. It is beauty, the innocuous and pure perspective of the observer and not the cracked bark of the forlorn tree.

I love this notion of beauty in the eyes of the watcher, the smile playing on his face, the eyes gleaming rays of scintillating light, the mind opening paths to such imagination that most mortals in their bleak daily life so sullenly disregard. Beauty is in the motion of fish, their lustrous scales taunting the Sun in his proud abode above the clouds, slowly, so slowly who moves and smiles the smile of millennia on the naivete of the fish. Beauty is in the held breath and frozen heart of someone watching someone, and the latter is indeed the observer of beauty, not beauty herself.
Beauty, my friends, is conserved. Even in the darkest corners, there is beauty, should you choose to see. And indeed, to the blind eye, beauty is but the next great adventure.

Friday 6 November 2015

The Nightcryer

This sad love poem for the nameless souls bereft of love that have made crying a habit.
They are the most neglected of night's creatures, aren't they?
They are also the cries of the night and the howling of the wind.
They are, indeed, the silence of the trees.

 It is night
Her shroud veiling the land.
The wind her companion
Shaking anyone that stands.

The occasional Owl's hoot
Makes you little more than wary.
While your ears search for
A voice of your forlorn quarry.

There exist in this world
Too many possibilities unforeseen
So to hunt a crying urchin
One's ears should be keen

Beneath the barking of dogs
He sheds rivers of tears
The sobs curdling blood like ice
Deadlier than the worst of fears.

The dogs tire; the mundane beasts
Barking at ghosts unseen
And while I walk vexed
My ears hear wild whines

And as I approach
My minuscule steps evincing fear
The face looks up red-eyed
And I step back from the mirror.

Liked the poem, did it make you cry?

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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Who Do You Think You Are?

This poem for the mean girls who treat boys like shit.
There's plenty of them around and they do not really regret breaking hearts or cheating. Do they really? They do not.

Who do you think you are?
So happily breaking me apart
That smile of triumph on your face
Sending knife through my heart.

Who do you think you are?
So merrily turning about
While I watch you longingly
My heart reaching out.

Who do you think you are?
To spurn me like crap
To cage me like a bird
In your love-trap.

Who do you think you are?
A girl devoid of heart
To capture in it's place
Broken shattered parts.

Who do you think you are
Going around making bards
Such are the fates for them
Those who don't end up as retards.

And who do you think you are
Someone with a full life?
Nay, a sinner of sorts
the deliver of strife.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Epitome of Beauty

This beautiful love poem for your girlfriend that is the Epitome of Beauty for you.
For every guy, his girl should be the epitome of beauty. A plain, simple truth. 

 The Epitome of Beauty
Are you not?
The kiss of rain
In a desert hot.

An oasis to relax
Eyes and breath
Someone to worship
And have in faith.

An ethereal presence
To bless humans
Mistress of femininity
Perfection of a woman.

To write about you
I am no bard
But the truth is this
I don't ask for a reward.

Just a glimpse
To catch it in my heart
Of the Epitome of Beauty
My sweetheart.

Liked it?
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