Friday, 6 November 2015

The Nightcryer

This sad love poem for the nameless souls bereft of love that have made crying a habit.
They are the most neglected of night's creatures, aren't they?
They are also the cries of the night and the howling of the wind.
They are, indeed, the silence of the trees.

 It is night
Her shroud veiling the land.
The wind her companion
Shaking anyone that stands.

The occasional Owl's hoot
Makes you little more than wary.
While your ears search for
A voice of your forlorn quarry.

There exist in this world
Too many possibilities unforeseen
So to hunt a crying urchin
One's ears should be keen

Beneath the barking of dogs
He sheds rivers of tears
The sobs curdling blood like ice
Deadlier than the worst of fears.

The dogs tire; the mundane beasts
Barking at ghosts unseen
And while I walk vexed
My ears hear wild whines

And as I approach
My minuscule steps evincing fear
The face looks up red-eyed
And I step back from the mirror.

Liked the poem, did it make you cry?

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