Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Restless - A Long Distance Relationship Poem

This is a long distance relationship love poem for her deep from the heart.

Restless I am,
Restless without a moment's respite,
To meet you girl,
To hug you with all my might.
To stand close to you;
And watch the stars
To make sweet love
When the world makes wars.
To see you laugh merrily
Abd stand gazing the curves,
That of your lips;
And well, you know.
To lay beside you,
And smile with your smile
To hold your hand,
Together to walk a mile.
And should you tire
I'll tire all the same
And if the night is starry,
We'll spend it on a dale.
Restless I am,
Restless without a moment's respite
Cuddling in my lonely void
Waiting for you to fill the void.
To hear your breathing soft,
To brush your curls,
So as to sink in the depth
Of those two pretty pearls.
To read you a book,
Perhaps our favourite one
To cheer you up
When you are glum.
To play with you 
And loose the game
For I have already fallen
Dont remember how and when.
To be there with you,
When there is nobody;
To care for you and love you
Always and eternally.

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