Monday, 17 March 2014

The Perfect Woman

This is a love poem on the prfect woman whom you love.

That someone that is holding me when I wake up in the morning
That someone who says that I can never be boring.
That one that touches my heart when she touches my hand.
The one that questions not and does not demand.
The Perfect woman is different for each and every man,
And it must be understood that there is no perfect plan.
The perfect woman is that one only true friend,
That sticks with you until the very bitter end.
That someone that sets your heart on fire, and soothes your soul,
That someone that loves you yet does not take control.
That one that smiles at you in the morning, afternoon, and right before bed,
The one that remembers all the good and bad that you have ever said.
The one that holds you in her arms and cuddles you at night,
The one that protects you when you are down and then makes things right.
The one with the most beautiful soul and the heart made of gold.
The one that stands up to life and is both strong and bold.
The Perfect woman is the one that lives life and truly cares.
The one that takes life, builds it up, and never despairs.
The perfect woman loves me for who I am, and never wants me to change,
She the woman that looks at me and thinks I am so beautifully strange.

Penned by the talented Rick Bertrand

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  1. One Beautiful poem of Love:
    I can’t get you off my psyche
    Also, I’m certain that each time
    I close my eyes your grin is the thing that I will see
    Since joyfully close by or in your arms is the place I need to be
    Astonishing is single word that depicts you
    Interesting, CUTE, SMART, and SEDUCING are a few others that are valid
    Other than however, words that got me so into you it’s those eyes
    That truly got me entranced
    What’s more, that exquisite grin
    That makes me need to go the additional mile
    What’s more, despite the fact that we DON’T talk
    Each time I see you I get quite frail
    In any case, I need to let you know how I feel
    Since each time I see you it’s my heart you take
    What’s more feeling frail, I feel frightened
    Since imagine a scenario where I let you know and for my emotions you couldn’t care less.
    So until further notice I’ll appreciate from a far distance
    Be that as it may, simply realize that it’s you I wish for when I see a meteorite
    Did I say my heart softens each time you look or come my direction

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