Monday, 7 April 2014

Too Shy - A Crush Poem

Too Shy - A Love Poem For Your Crush

I have so many words I want to say
So many thoughts are in my mind
I want to turn and say hello
But my heart is too refined

You are beautiful in every way
Both on the inside and out.
I want to tell you loving words
But my shyness gives me doubt

I am shy when it comes to you
My words get caught down deep
Frozen in my cold dark heart

They lay dormant and asleep

If only you could read my thoughts
Pull my words from their frozen cell
Then you could understand my love
And why my love I cannot tell

For now my words are locked away
To shy to come out and play
I stand there next to you
Silent for another day.

This is a love poem deep from the heart of Rick Bertrand

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