Monday, 16 December 2013

Relationship With God.

"Relationship With God"
I am in a relationship,
It is with Him,
Without whose consent,
The sun doesn't gleam.
When I was down,
He was the clown,
When I was ill,
He was the pill..
When I got cheated,
He was the consoler,
When I was defeated,
He overcame my fear..
When I felt cold,
He hugged me,
It was a stimulating embrace,
Like it was my destiny..
When difficult times let me down,
And I was about to give up,
He came behind me, smiling,
And rose me up..
He said, "Don't give in,
I am with you,
Trust me in trouble,
And I'll stand by you."
I thanked Him and
We embraced again,
The master spirit of the Earth
Relieved me off my pain..
He said when I was about tears,
"Life is a test,
You have to study and learn,
But you ought to give your best."
"Our relationship is forever",
He said as we unembraced,
"If you love me truly,
And have in me trust and faith."
Within a second,
The heavenly divinity disappeared,
And this world I feared,
With challenges reappeared.
I decided to be a writer,
And wrote some poems,
I desire writing them better,
To inspire the solitary and the lovers..
People liked my poems,
And they praised me,
I owe all this to Him,
Who always elevated me..

So be grateful to Him,
And know his grace,
Tie your relationship with Him,
Strong by an eloquent brace.
You'll find all the problems,
Leaving you soon,
It is His blessing,
As lovely as a boon.
So say you love Him,
For He is watching us,
He is the Almighty,
Always loving us,
Always loving us.. 

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