Monday, 16 December 2013

Distance In Relationship.

"Distance in relationships"
You being away from me,
My life is same as hell,
All the hopes of being together,
Have nothing but failed..
When I remember,
The moments we'd cherished,
My tears start raining,
On the verge to be perished..
As I stand on the precipice,
And look into the sky,
My mind gives suggestions,
To take a step and die..
But when I listen to my heart,
My decision gets turned,
It tells me to hold on,
And the notion of suicide gets burnt..
So believing on my heart,
I can wait for a while,
Distance can't make us apart,
All I long for is your smile..
Distance may be much,
That may cause me forgetting you,
But my love for you is such,
That I will never give up on you..
So let us wait and watch,
What God has planned for me and you,
I know He will bring us together,
For I'll always be loving you. 

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