Sunday, 3 May 2015

I too Have Wings

The sun wakes up,
For the dawn beacons
The dark wings of night
Have fluttered away.
The air is mellow
The grass green and pure
And daffodils blush slightly, too
For the dews have kissed them deep.
Birds, big and small,
Sing alike, a melody lovely
To their songs the bees hymn
Making a duet in an ethereal way.
Spreading its arms
The mountain stands high and proud
And with benevolence in their veins
The rivers merry tears weep.
As the sunrays
Join the dance of life
My heart leaps to the blooming branches
And I am delivered from strife.
The birds know it, too
And their chorus keeps caroling.
As I step out to embrace the earthly aroma
I too have wings.

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