Saturday, 10 January 2015

Do you think of me?

This is a love poem of my musings about her.

Do you think of me, O dear?
When you lay warm in your bed;
For I am just down the lane
Hoping you'd come out dizzy
For a whirl of fresh air.
Would you recognise me
Before in the crowds I disappear?
Would you wave me a hi
Or would you turn away?
For I won't be sated, O dear
Pretty eyes alone dont make a fay.
Would I ever know you,
Would you allow me to hold you close?

Would you blush when I flatter you,
Trying my best to brief you in words.
Would you reciprocate, O dear
All the feelings I cherish
Or would you break my heart
And let it in tears perish?
Would you reply, or would you just read,
Am I to taste your lips, or just bleed?

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