Saturday, 10 May 2014


It hurts to be rejected. To not be loved in return. But what hurts more is that the person has rejected you because of what others say about you. Here's a love poem I wrote on rejection.

Rejection - A Love Poem on Rejection

It took a long time,
For me to confess;
The feelings I'd for you,
The Love I'd suppressed.

Finally the words said,
Anxiety coursed through my nerves,
There was no budge whatsoever,
On your cheeks and lip-curves.

Non-chalant you stood,
As if you hadn't heard,
The words to take out,
I'd for so long feared.

Knowing I was,
Your choice of a guy perfect,
Still my heart never digressed,
To love you without bereft.

Had you looked in my eyes,
Only once, O dear girl;
There's a truth in my love,
That you believe to be blurr..

Love ain't judged, milady,
On what others say;
If there's faith in heart,
Even hatred seems gay.

Love ain't a game
That everyone plays,
It's a feeling divine,
Listen what your heart says..

At the world of hypocrites,
I smile in anticipation;
Sipping the tears,
Tears of your rejection...

This is a Love Poem deep from the heart of Prathamesh Deshmukh.

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