Saturday, 15 March 2014

Guilty Pleasure

This poem is an erotic one. So it's a part of love poems, ain't it? Because it is about love-making. It is written by Ronnie Doe. Hope you enjoy this great read!

Guilty Pleasure
Whispering in the dark of night
Romantic words into your ear
Love and lust whet my appetite
Lingering words float in the air
Making you laugh like a school girl
Anticipating my next move
Inviting me into your world
Hot kisses help to set the mood
Feeling the heat from my soft tongue
Makes your body fill with desire
Melodious is the song sung
Tender body is now on fire
Voiceless are your whimpering sighs
Happiness you cannot measure
Gazing into each other's eyes
Enjoying our guilty pleasure
Whispering in the dark of night
Romantic words are turning you on
Embracing you with all my might
Making love till the early morn
Copying under the covers
Being cool with the acts we do

Passionate and hungry lovers
Sex is feeling so beautiful
Man and woman embracing love
Knowing two has now become one
With blessings from God up above
Love still lingers when we are done
Exhausted in each other's arm
Contentment we'll always treasure
Residing in a world of charm
Making love with guilty pleasure.

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