Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trapped In Your Love

This love poem for a lover trapped in love's deathly cage without an escape, barring the penultimate oblivion. The reavings of a soul deprived of the pleasures and comforts of love.

Like as not,
I am snared
In the cage
Of your love.
Such a cage
That I have 
Come to like
In my stay here.

Would you care
For my trapped soul
In love's embrace
That isn't your own.
But mine, that yearns
Just for you
In empty hours.

Would you love me
When the cage 
Rusts and fails
As I fall
Pulled by Hood's gate
Would you fly to me
In that last moment?

Would you love me
As the fall
Weakens my soul
Slipping away
The last shreds
Of my conscience
And my love

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