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How To Write A Valentine's Day Love Poem?

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Hey there! Valentine's Day is due and I see you're here to learn How To Write A Love Poem . Let me guess, you want to impress your girl/guy or win over someone? Well, you're at the right place!
In today's modern world, you'd rarely find your mates writing poems. But, at some times, particularly when he/she has a crush or falls in love, they don't need to do some course or stuff. Poetry comes from heart. Even if you give your partners a thousand gifts, a million kisses (and get a million in return ;)), believe me when I say this, a love poem will make them smile, in some cases, even make their heart melt for you.
Who knows, a single poem can change your life!
How To Write A Love Poem?
Composing A Poem :-
Are you sure you want to write a love poem? Oh you surely are. Pick up your quills and parchments and bear these notes in your mind.!

Best Valentine's Day Love Poems For Her.

1) Feelings - Be pure, be honest. Write your heart out and let the feelings flow. Break the boundaries. Write everything that your heart shouts, don't be shy anymore. Don't say letting feelings out is not your cup of tea. Remember this single poem can change your life. Shake of your egoism. Shake of all that pride and prejudice that you hold in the hearts of your hearts.
For example,
Living Life without you,
Like a stray cloud I sway,
How I tell you O dear,
To God I daily pray

2) Naustalgia :-
So, you remember the first time you saw them, right? You remember the first time they smiled. You remember the times when they walked away, too. (In some cases. Not everyone is Edward Cullen to get Bella so easily).
You have to let them know you remember all these things. You've to convey that you're completely up to date with all your encounters. Well, you might even mention them the dress they wore.
For example,
Not on senses I was,
The first time I saw you,
From the dull boring ambience,
You came out in blue.

3) FLATTER THEM :- I know I said above to be honest, but I'm very conscious when I say to flatter them. Well, to be true, I am just saying to paint fiction of their grace. It ain't just a co-incidence that adrenaline is on rush when you see them, is it? Why, then why not elaborate that in a different way? Tell them the're capable of making you vulnerable. Tell them they're supernatural, like angels. Tell them they are the best thing ever happened to you.
Ex :- The radiance of your grace,
Lit the gay light,
To Kneel Before you or to run,
Was my plight.

4) Describe Your Love :-
No, you don't need to fight every person if there's no need. But you can tell your beloved you'll be there for them, whatever the catastrophe. You'll make them smile with your jokes. You'll hug them when they feel cold. You'll be around through every mood. You'll hug them when they are cold.
Ex. A last wish,
In my heart I bear,
Whatever may happen;
I'll be with you dear

5) Make A Climax :-
Make a vow. Make a proposal. Make them fall for you by something she loves. Claim that you're the best for them. Tell them you're the best person they could have in their life. Confess whatever you are to do for them. Make their heart melt by your words.
Ex As I confess O dear,
The feelings I have for you,
I vow to you a bond of life,
I truly utterly love you.

Did you try? Comment here to let us know. You can submit your poems too!

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