Saturday, 26 July 2014

I know how much you love me.

Our relationship is so strong
And intensity is so deep
Bonding is millions years old
It will continue till the universe hold

My feelings are unexpressed with words
My heart belongs to you to eternity
My mind is filled with your beautiful memories
I only desire to stay with you forever

Your smile makes me happy
Your cry makes me sad
You are my inspiration to raise high
Glory of our love starts to fly

God made us in pair to stay together
Share every moment and dream together
I know you cannot live without me
You always pray and desperate to see

You can never see me in trouble
And put all your effort to help
In all adversity you are with me
Even risk your life to make me free

I know you believe me blindly
Can do anything for my sake
This is the sigh of pure love
My life for you in full stake.

This is a love poem by Sandeep Kumar
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