Friday, 2 May 2014


I was just sitting in a park
Snow was falling all over
Just then something arouse me
It was none other than your see

Light was very dim
But I anticipate that was you
Walking slowly towards me
You were such a beauty

Eyes were fixed to get a look
You were holding an umbrella
Which causing restriction
But you are my addiction

I watch how elegant you walk
Like a model on ramp
Crossing your legs swiftly
And waving hip perfectly

Sometimes I feel incomplete I have so many questions
But in your arms are my answers
Being silent hurts the most
Melt me with your love I am frost

But I need to say what’s on my mind
I spent many nights without sleep
You are constantly in my thoughts
As I stay day dreaming

I close my eyes just to dream of you
I love you so much but I feel us separating slowly
Even though there is a flame
This can still keep our love in frame.

 This is a love poem by

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