Sunday, 12 January 2014

Traditional Types of Poetry : Didactic Poetry

Sailing through the sea of traditional poetry, we are gradually approaching our destination; destination to being a poet, a poet who not only knows the types of poetry. Rathar, a poet is an artist who strives to invent a type of poetry of his own, which the world would revere. A poet is a philosopher, indulging in solipsism and distress, like me. In my last post, we came across Ballad Poetry , a play of narration and refrain. Let us move to the next type - Didactic Poetry.
What is Didactic Poetry? Didactic Poetry is a form of poetry intended for instruction such as for knowledge or to teach.
'Recipe For Heavenly Destination'
To get to Heaven
And stay with Christ
Follow this recipe
And his face you will see
Love your neighbor
Love everyman
Spread the love as much as you can
Talk to the Lord
Show Him you care
With Him your feelings and worries share
Follow his teachings
Follow his way
Wherever he goes, follow you may
Lead the ones who don't see
Lead the ones that don't feel the love
Lead them to the Lord above
Copyright © 2000 David Arlaud
Give it a shot today! Why not write didactic poetry in a romantic way?

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